The supposedly most ambitious real estate development company in Berlin

The company T3F Investment GmbH was founded in 2008 under the name tte elektro GmbH.
Restructured and renamed T3F Investment GmbH at the beginning of 2019, the company has implemented real estate projects together with various banks and investors with a total turnover of around eight million euros in the 1st fiscal year. Decisive for the success here are the synergies that result from the cooperation of the shareholders: The competence in the acquisition, the upgrading and the sales of the projects, the professional execution of planning and construction measures, as well as the implementation of the respective suitable business model in close consultation with investors and banks. The vision of T3F Investment GmbH is the operational implementation of real estate projects in Germany with a focus on Berlin. The largest subsidiary of T3F Investment GmbH is the Fenner Patzschke Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH.


Core competence real estate optimization

Due to our know-how and with focus on undervalued investment properties with problems whose solution is our core competence, we generate exceptionally high increases in value over a short period of time.


Our partners in detail



  • Management support
  • Principal shareholder of T3F Investment GmbH
  • Management of T3F Investment GmbH
  • Consulting services around real estate (no financing consulting)
  • Purchase, refinement and sale of real estate
  • Purchase of investment real estate with medium-term holding strategy
  • Purchase of company participations with real estate reference
  • Marketing of own real estate


TH2GS was founded by the construction experts Thomas Thrun, Florian and Marcus Höfs, Hartmut Grünthal and Marcel Sossna in the course of the professional expansion of the joint construction companies into the real estate sector.

Its background is the handicraft and building know-how into own real estates profitably and quality-increasing to bring in. TH2GS has experts in all areas of the building sector and is on top of that able to execute required projects immediately and in a high quality. Together with the partners of TH2GS the common umbrella company T3F Investment GmbH has a competence in all areas around real estate and thus achieves a clear advantage over usual investment companies. Construction times are kept and quality in the realization is guaranteed.

  • Consolidation of the shareholders of the Thrun & Partner craftsmen’s group into one investment company
  • Bringing craftsmanship expertise into the valuation and/or redevelopment of properties
  • Extremely timely and economical implementation of necessary construction measures of purchased real estate
  • Control of external construction and planning companies in the interest of the investments
  • Investments in attractive real estates by capital from the individual partners


ParticiCap GmbH was founded in 2018 by Christian Fenner as a real estate investment holding company in Berlin and has since helped implement four real estate projects and has a 33 percent stake in T3F Investment GmbH. It does not conduct any active business, but holds investments purely as a holding company. The name ParticiCap is derived from the words Participare = to participate and Capital = capital; to participate with capital. The vision of PartiCap GmbH is the participation in real estate projects and real estate companies in Germany with a focus on Berlin. Core competence is the communication with banks and the acquisition of loan capital.


Damian Fenner, Christian Fenner und Thomas Thrun



T3F Investment GmbH
Oberwallstraße 12
10117 Berlin