Damian Fenner, Christian Fenner and Thomas Thrun


Creating living space and achieving stable and strong returns in view of the continuing low interest rates of the banks is the pioneering goal of Fenner Investment KG. 

Through an optimal risk analysis, we offer an alternative to the current low or even negative interest rates, as well as an actual participation in the Berlin real estate market, which has developed rapidly over the past 15 years and continues to offer great opportunities.

Thus, we enable a small circle of selected investors (by invitation only) to make a meaningful co-investment. Our goal is to secure the maximum return for you while keeping the risk as low as possible. Return-oriented real estate investments are a fundamental building block in the portfolio.

As a real estate developer, the Fenner Group has many years of extensive experience in this area and corresponding references.

Fenner Investment KG participates directly in real estate projects of the Fenner Group and benefits from the implementation by professionals. In addition, you make an important contribution to solving the housing shortage in Berlin and other major German cities, while remaining fair and acting sustainably.

Christian Fenner – CEO