Thomas Thrun

T3F Bauplanungsgesellschaft mbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of T3F Investment GmbH.
Thomas Thrun is mainly responsible for the construction management of the new buildings of the Fenner Group and T3F Investment GmbH. Implementation planning, construction management and ensuring high-quality new buildings and renovations are also offered to third parties.

Thomas Thrun has over 30 years of construction experience and is co-partner in 7 construction companies in and around Berlin.


“Thomas Thrun expertise led us to establish this subsidiary so that we could have construction management in our own hands and also monitor the timing and cost of construction.” – says Damian Fenner, the managing director of T3F Investment GmbH. With the architect’s office Patzschke Schwebel one co-operates in partnership, often one acquires even together the property.

Niko Reinberger & Erik Pötzsch

The team is strengthened by Niko Reinberger (business economist) and Erik Pötzsch (architect), who both participate in the success of the company as partners in the Bauplanungsgesellschaft mbH.