Damian Fenner

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Matthias Storch

management assistant 

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Matthias Storch has been bringing his expertise as a freelance communications consultant for medium-sized companies to the Fenner Group for ten years, making a significant contribution to the company’s success.


Marla Bechert


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Marla Bechert supports the Fenner Group as a freelance writer and editor in our magazine Fenner Insight.


Richard Vater

Chief Operating Officer

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Richard Vater has been working at Fenner Group since 2018. Starting as a student temp, he has quickly progressed to Head of Real Estate Acquisition. In addition to his managerial role, he is involved in projects as a partner.


Erik Pötzsch

Chief Marketing Officer

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As an architecture student, Erik Pötzsch supports the team with the drawing of floor plans and preliminary planning of construction projects. He is also involved in the external presentation of the company.


Niko Reinberger

Head of Finance

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Niko Reinberger has been involved in the Fenner Group since 2020. At the end of 2021, as a certified real estate loan broker, he took over the management of the financing area of the company. Due to his studies of business economics and experience in the company, he is responsible for the investors and banks.


Moritz Brunzlow

Transaction Manager

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As a business administration student, Moritz Brunzlow has been working in the field of real estate financing since 2022. Here he represents the link between the Fenner Group and banks.


Davide Bellitto Grillo


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After 11 years of mastering the barista craft, Davide is now testing himself in the world of real estate by supporting the Fenner Group in an internship.


Janik Finkler


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As a student of business informatics, Janik Finkler supports the IT of the Fenner Group and ensures the smooth running behind the scenes.


Moritz Ziegler

Junior Real Estate Developer

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As a prospective real estate economist, Moritz Ziegler complements the sales team of the Fenner Group.


Julius Boether


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Julius Boether is the youngest member of the Fenner Group. In addition to his Abitur, he supports Erik Pötzsch in the area of design and marketing.


Max Fenner


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As Damian Fenner’s great-nephew, Max gains his first experience in the real estate world. He assists Richard Vater with the purchases.


| Sales partner


David Galwelat

Sales partner

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For more than two years now, we have been working together with David Galwelat Immobilien in a successful and trusting partnership.

| Project partner


Dr. Maxime Goubeaud

Project partner

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Maxime Goubeaud is project partner in North Rhine-Westphalia and supports the Fenner Group in Wuppertal, Düsseldorf and Essen.


Christian Fenner

Project Partner

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Christian Fenner takes care of investor relations as a project partner of the Fenner Group.


Patrick Göhring

Project Partner

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Patrik is our project partner Saxony and supports there on site


| Construction Management


Thomas Thrun

Construction Managment

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Thomas Thrun is responsible for site management on all Fenner Group construction projects.

A look behind the scenes at our office: